The computer program for the calculation of dinoflagellates biovolumes and surface areas


Download 3D-Dinoflagellata 2.0
7 shapes, 20 models, 28 species



Models of microalgae cells walls
Geometric models that simulate shapes of dinoflagellates cells walls are used for the calculations. The models consits of solid figures and 3d-objects.


Precise fitting to shape
The models are thoroughly fitted to organisms shapes. Unusual shapes are constructed from dinoflagellates outlines using algorithms of 3d-modelling.


Pictorial illustrations
Every model is accompanied by schematic drawing where locations of measurements are shown.


List of species
The program kept list of dinoflagellata species. One or more geometric models are associated with every species. Models are differ in a set of geometric objects they are consist of, and the accuracy of calculations.


Select model by specific name or organism shape
It is possible to select a model by the shape or specific name of microorganism.


The program prompts which species resemble selected model, and which models suit to selected species.


Imitation of thecae oblateness
The models imitate the oblateness of dinoflagellates thecae. The value of oblateness is assigned by the coefficient of ellipticity.


Theca thickness is not needed
Thickness of dinoflagellates theca is calculated as the product of theca breadth and coefficient of ellipticity.


Program remembers your habits
The program remembers the models that are used more often and propose them first.


Коэффицинты эллиптичности оболочек динофлагеллят вычислены Наталией Дерезюк — старшим научным сотрудником Регионального центра интегрированного мониторинга и экологичесих исследований Одесского государственного университета. Расчеты выполнены на основе материала собранного и обработанного Наталией в 1980-2013 годах.